Volt City is coming!

The enthusiasm levels at the Volt Casino headquarters have never been higher as the launch of their brand new project is fast approaching. The online casino has prepared a unique type of entertainment that hasn’t been seen before so their players definitely have a lot to look forward to.

Volt Casino takes pride in its innovation-oriented approach and is now paving the way for the future of loyalty programs. Their upcoming project, Volt City, is based on the concept of building one’s own virtual city. Volt Casino invites their players on a futuristic journey to the post fossil fuel world where challenging, yet very rewarding, tasks await them. The city has suffered from a complete blackout and only the new mayor can help in rebuilding it. The players have to develop living and industrial areas, upgrade the buildings, take care of the citizens’ needs and fulfill various missions.

However, hard work pays off and the rewards prove to be really attractive! With the help of Volt Crystals, which are earned by playing at Volt Casino, the player can power the city. What is more, discovering Mystery Spots reveals fantastic prizes. And to make sure that players will have the best time possible with Volt City, the casino will come with a brand new, improved look. Stunning design, that’s both eye-pleasing and user-friendly, is bound to additionally elevate the experience.

The revolution in the world of online casinos is around the corner as Volt City is due to be launched in the very near future so the players will soon find out what kind of prizes are hidden in the Mystery Boxes.